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life update for jodie
Sorry for the bad spelling or any other mistake I make on here. 25 years and my grammer never improved at all.

Alright jodie, so I'm not sure how much you know or new about where my life was at before you left facebook. Well ill update you now.

*I got to meet angel almost 3 years ago on chatango.
*asked he out Nov 20th
*honey moon period with her lasted till I lost my job and I moved in with her
*things got bad, only because I felt useless and being around some one day & night 24/7 not being able to do anything or go out drove me insane. I was ready to end the relashionship
*I kept getting odd jobs here and there, helping with some of the stress we happen to be haveing with one another, due to haveing some kind of income to be able to go out and about.

Fast forwords into year 2 of us being together
*I had become very unhappy with my life in cail with getting and loseing my jobs.
*I was once again depending on people to help me out with a palce to live when it should have never happend.
*I got a job as a painter. Things started to look up
*I was happy again with life, and things with my gf happen to be improveing
*we deiced to move out because I found another job out in MORENO VALLEY CA, I was going to have 2 jobs.
*I get fired from my painting job by the very same person who told me to find a part time job on the side to help my self out with more income
*living with our friend and his mom, things get very stressful

Ill start from the last line.

While living with our friend gave us the freedom we need'd from her family. The strees that came with being in that house was not helping me and Angel bond together. I would work from 5am till 2pm for Fresh & Easy, I would spend all day in a fridge type wearhouse. Freezing my balls off 5 days a week for shit pay. I made good friends and had good times here and there. Still the job was takeing a massive toll on me. At this point in time I had been working there for months now, I was at my brakeing point. Still I continued on. So the job, the enviroment I was living under, the constent fights I was haveing with Angel just kept pushing me to my limit.

At one point I did brake up with her, but it didn't last long because that same day was the day I found out she was preggo with my child. I had no idea what to do, I was ready to walk out. Just cut my loses, still knowing she was with child and knowing how shit my childhood was I stayed. I did not want the same life I had passed over to my kid. We talked about it, getting an abortion, adoption. I just came down to keeping it and raiseing it.

Skip a few months. Most of the post under this one are me bitching about the pregnantcy <---I'm sure that is not spelt right lol.

Life today

We managed to move out of my friends house into an apartment with her mother. Her friend came with us. He pretty much drove them crazy till the day he moved out, but that's another story. Anyhow at the time I was still working the crap job at fresh & Easy, I worked there to the point I hated wakeing up, id miss day of work intentionaly and I started to suffer tenstion headaches. Something I had never experianced in my life and I thought I was dying. Well more like had the shingles. At this point I'm still unhappy with where my life is, what is happening and the person I am with. I keep telling my self to hold out just a bit longer till I can just go live on my own and they can live without my help. Still has yet to happen, I am still with my gf with the baby ready to pop. I still don't know what I'm going to do. My gf knows I don't love her, I'm not happy living with them. She is always wondering if I'm just going to get up and walk out on them one day. Still we make the best of things as the days go by. We fight and move on. I guess that's about it.

Posotive things in my life
*new job that pays me well, and soon ill be working for the city
*a son on the way, as much as the idea of a baby, because babys SUUUUUCK. Well after they become 2.
*life dose not suck as much as it did 2 months ago.

If I was to explain how so much could have happend in so little time. I would have to say the events in my life just tend to explode and become something that is beyond my controll, nothing is ever suttle.
How my girlfriend got preggo. Besides me giveing her my baby butter. They changed her birthcontrol pills and he body was rejecting them and she puke them up. So they became useless and that how Logan came to be.

If you have any question just let me know.

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hey can we chat or email someday? :)


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