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Pact day 10

Woked out because I'm getting fat.

Pact day 11

Worked out some more. Still fat.
Also I'm done.
What angle needs for a boyfriend is a virgin plain and simple, some one who has never had sex or a sexual past. Like I mean 0. I'm not that guy, I'm tired of dealing with it.

If girls I slept with, to her are only fuck toys, then that would make her my current fuck toy.
That's where I draw the line. Its one thing to dislike my past sexual life, but I'm tired of her talking shit about people she dosent know or tries to rule my social life & I don't even have one anymore. I may be a shit boyfriend but I have never told her she can't speak to any one of her friends. Or told her she can never hang out with them or not keep in touch or question why she talks to other people or flip shit and serch her phone or go on a indepth look into times and day of texts and calls. More so when I can even talk to her about anyone because she rather not understand that things I did in my past have no place in the now, but rather just make a huge
fucking deal about it all the time if some one from who I didn something with long ago contacts me. All the bad opinions she has about a person are either made up in her head or something I had said seeing how she would flip her shit if I ever sad something nice about a person in my life

When we move out I'm ending it. I've had enough.

Fuck that shit.

I told her she can go fuck her self.

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Ass XD i was crying my eyes out of course i couldnt type.And thanks i hope your right

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