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Pact day 10

Woked out because I'm getting fat.

Pact day 11

Worked out some more. Still fat.
Also I'm done.
What angle needs for a boyfriend is a virgin plain and simple, some one who has never had sex or a sexual past. Like I mean 0. I'm not that guy, I'm tired of dealing with it.

If girls I slept with, to her are only fuck toys, then that would make her my current fuck toy.
That's where I draw the line. Its one thing to dislike my past sexual life, but I'm tired of her talking shit about people she dosent know or tries to rule my social life & I don't even have one anymore. I may be a shit boyfriend but I have never told her she can't speak to any one of her friends. Or told her she can never hang out with them or not keep in touch or question why she talks to other people or flip shit and serch her phone or go on a indepth look into times and day of texts and calls. More so when I can even talk to her about anyone because she rather not understand that things I did in my past have no place in the now, but rather just make a huge
fucking deal about it all the time if some one from who I didn something with long ago contacts me. All the bad opinions she has about a person are either made up in her head or something I had said seeing how she would flip her shit if I ever sad something nice about a person in my life

When we move out I'm ending it. I've had enough.

Fuck that shit.

I told her she can go fuck her self.

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I dont care i he talks to her it takes some getting used to. And the only bad opinions i have of her are she wasted her life doing dumb things. Like drugs. For a long time we thought she was dead, i even looked for 2 hours till i found her fb and told him i found it so he could add her and he just said okay why would i add her? So you can imagine its taking adjusting for me to get used to them talking.and as for the "flipping out" i was fucking with him just like he fucked with me this morning thas what started it all. He told me he was going to text and call her on the toilet while i did his job application.he even pretended to call and tell her im mad because he called while on the toiler. So i fucked wiht him because he said he was kidding. But turn out he really did text her saying he was going to call and it just so happened to be literally right around the time he was joking with me and i knew because i had to have tmobile text him a password. But i put up a funny status on fb and he kinda started this thing where i was trying to explain how i felt and why he just took it as me talking crap about her, which i never said sarah this or sarah that i did say ex sex toy because i was trying to show him how he and someone else portrayed her. I dont know her but i do know she wanted to say hi to me but i was all giddy and nervous because if i fuck up with her and piss heer off i was scared to loose him. Which his post up above kinda justifies. He never understands i want to be friends with these girls becaus ethey are a part of his life. He just assumes i hate them. One girl who turned out to be not so nice, i literally cried because i thought we could be friends but she really didnt like that i was in the picture.she asked him to choose and i cried because i felt he would choose her instead of saying hes keeping both and if she didnt like it she could leave. Hell i sent her messages for months saying hi and she told him some bs story that made me cry more because i thought hed believe her. what i dont get is i still want to b frends but he says i hate everyone. All he did today was assume (which i did earlier but not like this). i nevr once told him to stop talking to hr i admited i was curious, but i was never mad or anything in fact i was behind him having a good time with my little sister. i even tried to show him i didnt mean harm by telling him i am sure she is a nice girl.then i told my friend im deleting the post because the thread got serious whe it was all in good fun. Hearing him say "go fuck yourslef hurt so fucking bad. Like my dad just punching me in the damn face. I didnt mean to do harm, hell there is a damn baby in me. So i felt like he just wanted us to go away and never bother him again. But i explained myself and we talked about how the same thing happened but reverse this morning. We just needed communication. But now reading this posy i dont know if he is still thinking all these bad things and we are done or if hes cleared up

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