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pact day 7

watched the movie
lesbian hobbit

-i bitched about not having money, yet...i bought a spider-man shatter'd dimensions
-bought angel clothing
i'm soooooooooooooooooooooo broke my body hurts
Noir spider-man is bad ass, stealthy and looks excellent ... except he is as weak, as a dry piece of grass.

THAT WAS IT. also yeltzen was there.

pact day 8

finished HEROS, i want to kill bob, and for the first time the chick from veronica mars look'd attractive to me. Still i dont understanding why my friend Logen creams his pants over her. shes alright.

Went to target, gamestop, food 4 less with yeltz and angel.
-gamestop was due to yelt. He wanted to trade in his XBOX 360. The chick at the register did not want to give him the full trade in price because it had sticker gunk on they would take $25 off it for what i called "labor fees". I WAS JUST STICKER SHIT YOU CAN REMOVE!!!
so we went to
-FOOD 4 LESS to buy baby wipes to clean it. we get to the car clean it up. then go back to.
-gamestop now we get attended by a guy, he not only tell us he will give us the full amount, but then tests the XBOX 360 and find out the controller is fucked. Now he tells Yoltz no go, that if he takes it he will take away $25. That was fair...the part that bother'd us in the end was the price difference between the guy and the girl at the end of the transactions.
The chick would of robbed us $10 if we gave up the XBOX the guy was giving us as an end price of 45, while she was giving us 35. Yet i understand why she works there, she is only a face worker to get all the geeks to drop their spaghetti and hand over their money.
-target, we just bought medication for the baby, and i got 3 more hot wheels
2 pink cars, because angel ones are rare. i had never seen pink hot wheels till now so it was odd. more so getting 2 of the same kind.

we left, dropped yoltz off at his house came home and got my self a hair cut. its shnazzy. Angel did a good job.

ill post pics later today

on an update as to where me and angel are, we are no longer in a gloom state of mind, we are at least interacting with one another on a better note, yet there are times where we will have our split in the day. it sucks, but at least they don't last long.
I'm still being a blunt asshole & i still scare her <3

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HAHA me too!! i'm sorry!! i'm doing make up entries now X_X

its okay...i dont like posting in the middle of the day because the days not over so i get tired and i just go to sleep xD.

so ill always be falling a bit behind here and there but at least we update :D.

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