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Pact day 6

Spent all day out with angel, her friend & little sister.
We drove everywhere and it happen to be to hot outside, to make it worse the AC in the car
dose not work. It only blew more hot air.
So not only did we have to deal with the heat killing us slowly, we had to deal with the nasty sweating.

We went to a swapmeet, didn't buy much, only sufferd more heat and sweaty nads
The only good thing was we went to walmart, air conditioning felt great.
We had to drive to ontario to pick up my wallet, due to forgetting it at a friends house.
While there we ran into a black dog that kept following us, it was homeless after seeing its nasty dreds. I tried to pet it but the ass bit me.

We left after getting my stuff. We hit up mcdonalds stuffed our faces and felt fat. When driveing I felt sick and sleepy. And the heat did not help. We ended up at toy r us, by then I was already tired and my feet hurt me like a betch.

More boring crap happend and we left to the house.
Everyone passed out at the house.

Cool crap I found
Heros season 2 brand new for $5
Now I'm watching it

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