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give me my cash yo while your at it ill take that job too.
Pact day 16

Went job hunting all over moreno vally. Applyed at like 5 places that handed out paper applications. That made for a lot of walking and hand cramp.

After I got my hotwheels car I had been looking for and thankfull it had not been taken.

Pact day 17
Today I got a call from toy r us. I have the interview for he 24th. It will be a group interview. The pay will be 8.50 if I get the job. Either way I'm hopeing I get it with my passion for toys and all.
Angel and I will be attending a band show later tonight. First I need to pick up my money from my boss. Hopefully it will be a entertaining night.
My thoughts on the shooting.
Like every other shooting it sucks, and the lives lost have been taken to early. More so the kids. Still shit happens and we must learn from it, morn and move on and be strong. They should skip the trial all together and just kill the guy. Anyhow I know one thing I will never say again "I'm dying to see this movie"

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i dont want to grow up i want to be a toys r us kid

or however the hell it went. that would be an awesome job play with toys all day while "working" and discounts on everything. plus doesn't that shit work for that other place too discounts on baby crap. youd be like a jew whos been given a crap load of pennies, just playing im not that racist

Hey Alberto, how did you go? Did you find a job? Is it true you're going to be a daddy? I deleted my FB back in June so I am not in the "know". Are you and the girl still together? I added her on livejournal anyway. I hope all is well and you're losing weight you fatty :P

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