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Pact day 9

today was going to be a day with nothing at all.
yet angels friend called, so we ended up going to visit his mother in moreno vally i think, im not to sure.
we got to see the house we may be moving into, its not very big, but at least its not cramped and if we do move in no more sleeping on the floor.
i got to talking to yeltz mom about why we are looking for a place to stay, the kind of people we are, how we know his son. just letting her know our back story, well mine mostly.
she was happy to know that her son wanted to move in with her and would bring along people her knew. seeing how in the past her last tenets happen to be pieces of shit.
they kicked them all out, the first one came back and stole all of their shit
the second ones to get kicked destroyed the house & called the city to report the extra room that had been built because they did not like the fact they where getting the boot.
i really don't understand why people resort to stupid actions when they fucked them self's over, more so, destroying or stealing things from the people who trusted you and you fucked them over.
any way, i told his mom around the times i plan to move out there. either the end of august or withing october. I don't really know what will happen, seeing how my plans never truly work out, so either way i will get ready for whatever i can, there are always other alternatives i have not put aside. any how the rent for the room and use of the house will only be $250 a month.
i need to start looking for a new job on the side.
after we went to the moreno vally mall, got to walk around a bit and escape the heat.
found out they are building a round 1 me and yeltz plan to apply for a job there, i feel working at round one will have its perks, still like any other job will suck at some point. still a job will be a job and i need money. with everything that is happening.

after the mall we went to eat at portillo's hot dogs. i got a big beef sandwich, it was damn good, it reminded me of potbellys in texas only, this one was soffy and not crunchy.

time for pictures!
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portillos, you can see angel eyeing the ketchup in yoltz hand.

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the hair cut angel gave me, and my lack of chin...i wish i had a chin :(

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you totally have a chin. it's just covered by your DISTENDED LIPS.

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