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Pact day 5

Today was filled with nothing.

Like always if I wake up to early without getting enough sleep, I get the shits.

So I shat in the house that belongs to my boss.
Then I shat in a nasty ass portapoty at work.
I could not contain my turds. Its a shitty feeling when your shit is rimming you butthole and giving you cramps and the cold sweats. As if I was in a waking nightmare and I woke up in cold sweat only no fear to be had just turds in line waiting to be freed. From my anus like a consintration camp full of turd jews.

Also I been playing terminator salvation. FUCK THAT GAME
-every one runs slow
-if you are getting gang raped by terminators it start to glich and freeze up till you run away
-it freezes
-enemies are lazer spouting dicks who are alway the same
-LODEING SCREEN...that is kinda cool. Its a T-700 face or something
-missing codeing so there are black spots everywhere. Mostly in run down homes.

Ahhh hell who am I kidding the games pretty cool. I will beat it.

I get paied tomorrow, so I'm going to buy a tent, so I can sleep outside because it is hot as heck in the house, even when I'm half naked.

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hahah. maybe you can make s'mores in the backyard, like a camping trip.

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