the crazy
In love with a lunatic.

I came back
im impressed i rememberd my password.

Life is still pretty much. bleh

job: going bretty good
life: unintresting
family: alive
Money: broke as fuck

life update for jodie
Sorry for the bad spelling or any other mistake I make on here. 25 years and my grammer never improved at all.

Alright jodie, so I'm not sure how much you know or new about where my life was at before you left facebook. Well ill update you now.

*I got to meet angel almost 3 years ago on chatango.
*asked he out Nov 20th
*honey moon period with her lasted till I lost my job and I moved in with her
*things got bad, only because I felt useless and being around some one day & night 24/7 not being able to do anything or go out drove me insane. I was ready to end the relashionship
*I kept getting odd jobs here and there, helping with some of the stress we happen to be haveing with one another, due to haveing some kind of income to be able to go out and about.

Fast forwords into year 2 of us being together
*I had become very unhappy with my life in cail with getting and loseing my jobs.
*I was once again depending on people to help me out with a palce to live when it should have never happend.
*I got a job as a painter. Things started to look up
*I was happy again with life, and things with my gf happen to be improveing
*we deiced to move out because I found another job out in MORENO VALLEY CA, I was going to have 2 jobs.
*I get fired from my painting job by the very same person who told me to find a part time job on the side to help my self out with more income
*living with our friend and his mom, things get very stressful

Ill start from the last line.

While living with our friend gave us the freedom we need'd from her family. The strees that came with being in that house was not helping me and Angel bond together. I would work from 5am till 2pm for Fresh & Easy, I would spend all day in a fridge type wearhouse. Freezing my balls off 5 days a week for shit pay. I made good friends and had good times here and there. Still the job was takeing a massive toll on me. At this point in time I had been working there for months now, I was at my brakeing point. Still I continued on. So the job, the enviroment I was living under, the constent fights I was haveing with Angel just kept pushing me to my limit.

At one point I did brake up with her, but it didn't last long because that same day was the day I found out she was preggo with my child. I had no idea what to do, I was ready to walk out. Just cut my loses, still knowing she was with child and knowing how shit my childhood was I stayed. I did not want the same life I had passed over to my kid. We talked about it, getting an abortion, adoption. I just came down to keeping it and raiseing it.

Skip a few months. Most of the post under this one are me bitching about the pregnantcy <---I'm sure that is not spelt right lol.

Life today

We managed to move out of my friends house into an apartment with her mother. Her friend came with us. He pretty much drove them crazy till the day he moved out, but that's another story. Anyhow at the time I was still working the crap job at fresh & Easy, I worked there to the point I hated wakeing up, id miss day of work intentionaly and I started to suffer tenstion headaches. Something I had never experianced in my life and I thought I was dying. Well more like had the shingles. At this point I'm still unhappy with where my life is, what is happening and the person I am with. I keep telling my self to hold out just a bit longer till I can just go live on my own and they can live without my help. Still has yet to happen, I am still with my gf with the baby ready to pop. I still don't know what I'm going to do. My gf knows I don't love her, I'm not happy living with them. She is always wondering if I'm just going to get up and walk out on them one day. Still we make the best of things as the days go by. We fight and move on. I guess that's about it.

Posotive things in my life
*new job that pays me well, and soon ill be working for the city
*a son on the way, as much as the idea of a baby, because babys SUUUUUCK. Well after they become 2.
*life dose not suck as much as it did 2 months ago.

If I was to explain how so much could have happend in so little time. I would have to say the events in my life just tend to explode and become something that is beyond my controll, nothing is ever suttle.
How my girlfriend got preggo. Besides me giveing her my baby butter. They changed her birthcontrol pills and he body was rejecting them and she puke them up. So they became useless and that how Logan came to be.

If you have any question just let me know.

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give me my cash yo while your at it ill take that job too.
Pact day 16

Went job hunting all over moreno vally. Applyed at like 5 places that handed out paper applications. That made for a lot of walking and hand cramp.

After I got my hotwheels car I had been looking for and thankfull it had not been taken.

Pact day 17
Today I got a call from toy r us. I have the interview for he 24th. It will be a group interview. The pay will be 8.50 if I get the job. Either way I'm hopeing I get it with my passion for toys and all.
Angel and I will be attending a band show later tonight. First I need to pick up my money from my boss. Hopefully it will be a entertaining night.
My thoughts on the shooting.
Like every other shooting it sucks, and the lives lost have been taken to early. More so the kids. Still shit happens and we must learn from it, morn and move on and be strong. They should skip the trial all together and just kill the guy. Anyhow I know one thing I will never say again "I'm dying to see this movie"

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Pact days 12-14
Seeing how I haven't updated, pretty much give it away.

Pact day 15
Tomorrow we will head out again to moreno vally for job hunting.
Also we are going to carmax to see how much they will give us for our current car that is about ready to eat shit.
We are hopeing they give us at least $1000. we plan to get a honda.
I really miss my car, I should have never sold it. Not even with all the shit that was happening to us. At least we would still have a real working car.

Ill find it again one day

Pact day 10

Woked out because I'm getting fat.

Pact day 11

Worked out some more. Still fat.
Also I'm done.
What angle needs for a boyfriend is a virgin plain and simple, some one who has never had sex or a sexual past. Like I mean 0. I'm not that guy, I'm tired of dealing with it.

If girls I slept with, to her are only fuck toys, then that would make her my current fuck toy.
That's where I draw the line. Its one thing to dislike my past sexual life, but I'm tired of her talking shit about people she dosent know or tries to rule my social life & I don't even have one anymore. I may be a shit boyfriend but I have never told her she can't speak to any one of her friends. Or told her she can never hang out with them or not keep in touch or question why she talks to other people or flip shit and serch her phone or go on a indepth look into times and day of texts and calls. More so when I can even talk to her about anyone because she rather not understand that things I did in my past have no place in the now, but rather just make a huge
fucking deal about it all the time if some one from who I didn something with long ago contacts me. All the bad opinions she has about a person are either made up in her head or something I had said seeing how she would flip her shit if I ever sad something nice about a person in my life

When we move out I'm ending it. I've had enough.

Fuck that shit.

I told her she can go fuck her self.

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Pact day 9

& I work tomorrow.

Pact day 9

today was going to be a day with nothing at all.
yet angels friend called, so we ended up going to visit his mother in moreno vally i think, im not to sure.
we got to see the house we may be moving into, its not very big, but at least its not cramped and if we do move in no more sleeping on the floor.
i got to talking to yeltz mom about why we are looking for a place to stay, the kind of people we are, how we know his son. just letting her know our back story, well mine mostly.
she was happy to know that her son wanted to move in with her and would bring along people her knew. seeing how in the past her last tenets happen to be pieces of shit.
they kicked them all out, the first one came back and stole all of their shit
the second ones to get kicked destroyed the house & called the city to report the extra room that had been built because they did not like the fact they where getting the boot.
i really don't understand why people resort to stupid actions when they fucked them self's over, more so, destroying or stealing things from the people who trusted you and you fucked them over.
any way, i told his mom around the times i plan to move out there. either the end of august or withing october. I don't really know what will happen, seeing how my plans never truly work out, so either way i will get ready for whatever i can, there are always other alternatives i have not put aside. any how the rent for the room and use of the house will only be $250 a month.
i need to start looking for a new job on the side.
after we went to the moreno vally mall, got to walk around a bit and escape the heat.
found out they are building a round 1 me and yeltz plan to apply for a job there, i feel working at round one will have its perks, still like any other job will suck at some point. still a job will be a job and i need money. with everything that is happening.

after the mall we went to eat at portillo's hot dogs. i got a big beef sandwich, it was damn good, it reminded me of potbellys in texas only, this one was soffy and not crunchy.

time for pictures!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
portillos, you can see angel eyeing the ketchup in yoltz hand.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
the hair cut angel gave me, and my lack of chin...i wish i had a chin :(

pact day 7

watched the movie
lesbian hobbit

-i bitched about not having money, yet...i bought a spider-man shatter'd dimensions
-bought angel clothing
i'm soooooooooooooooooooooo broke my body hurts
Noir spider-man is bad ass, stealthy and looks excellent ... except he is as weak, as a dry piece of grass.

THAT WAS IT. also yeltzen was there.

pact day 8

finished HEROS, i want to kill bob, and for the first time the chick from veronica mars look'd attractive to me. Still i dont understanding why my friend Logen creams his pants over her. shes alright.

Went to target, gamestop, food 4 less with yeltz and angel.
-gamestop was due to yelt. He wanted to trade in his XBOX 360. The chick at the register did not want to give him the full trade in price because it had sticker gunk on they would take $25 off it for what i called "labor fees". I WAS JUST STICKER SHIT YOU CAN REMOVE!!!
so we went to
-FOOD 4 LESS to buy baby wipes to clean it. we get to the car clean it up. then go back to.
-gamestop now we get attended by a guy, he not only tell us he will give us the full amount, but then tests the XBOX 360 and find out the controller is fucked. Now he tells Yoltz no go, that if he takes it he will take away $25. That was fair...the part that bother'd us in the end was the price difference between the guy and the girl at the end of the transactions.
The chick would of robbed us $10 if we gave up the XBOX the guy was giving us as an end price of 45, while she was giving us 35. Yet i understand why she works there, she is only a face worker to get all the geeks to drop their spaghetti and hand over their money.
-target, we just bought medication for the baby, and i got 3 more hot wheels
2 pink cars, because angel ones are rare. i had never seen pink hot wheels till now so it was odd. more so getting 2 of the same kind.

we left, dropped yoltz off at his house came home and got my self a hair cut. its shnazzy. Angel did a good job.

ill post pics later today

on an update as to where me and angel are, we are no longer in a gloom state of mind, we are at least interacting with one another on a better note, yet there are times where we will have our split in the day. it sucks, but at least they don't last long.
I'm still being a blunt asshole & i still scare her <3

Pact day 6

Spent all day out with angel, her friend & little sister.
We drove everywhere and it happen to be to hot outside, to make it worse the AC in the car
dose not work. It only blew more hot air.
So not only did we have to deal with the heat killing us slowly, we had to deal with the nasty sweating.

We went to a swapmeet, didn't buy much, only sufferd more heat and sweaty nads
The only good thing was we went to walmart, air conditioning felt great.
We had to drive to ontario to pick up my wallet, due to forgetting it at a friends house.
While there we ran into a black dog that kept following us, it was homeless after seeing its nasty dreds. I tried to pet it but the ass bit me.

We left after getting my stuff. We hit up mcdonalds stuffed our faces and felt fat. When driveing I felt sick and sleepy. And the heat did not help. We ended up at toy r us, by then I was already tired and my feet hurt me like a betch.

More boring crap happend and we left to the house.
Everyone passed out at the house.

Cool crap I found
Heros season 2 brand new for $5
Now I'm watching it


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